Dallas Center Dunkard Brethren Church | Sunday School
Sunday School

We have classes for ages 3 to adult.

The adult classes study through books of the Bible and the discussion is lively and relevant to our current needs.

The younger children truly enjoy the object lessons and crafts that are used to teach Biblical truths for everyday living.

The older children and youth meet with their peers and their lessons come in a variety of formats. They enjoy studying through the Bible as well as growing and maturing in topics current with their positions in life.

Nursing Home Ministry

Once a month we hold our Sunday evening service at the local nursing home. This is usually a time of singing and encouraging those residents who are able to come out for the service. We split into several groups and go to a few different locations there.

Many of the elderly know the songs and sing or follow along. The elderly in the Alzheimer's unit are especially amazing, they struggle with current reality and yet when they hear old familiar songs they seem to be transformed. Songs are one of the most powerful and memorable feelings.

Dallas Center Dunkard Brethren Church | Nursing Home Ministry
Dallas Center Dunkard Brethren Church | Jail Bible Study Ministry
Jail Bible Study Ministry

As Christians, we are called to share the Gospel with all people (Mark 16:15). We have had the privilege and blessing with permission from authorities to hold a Bible Study at our local county jail. This is a free will Bible Study for the men and women serving sentences in the jail. The men's Bible Study consists of 2 men going from our church to the jail and enjoying a time of discussion and study about God, the Bible, and the Good News of Salvation. The women's Bible Study also consists of 2 women that go from our church and hold a Bible Study with the women at the jail. Each Bible Study is held every 2 weeks with roughly 10-25 of the inmates attending. Our goal for this ministry is to present the inmates with the hope that comes from following Jesus and how He can change their lives. Not only is it a blessing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the men and women that join the Bible Study, but it also challenges us to be ready with an answer for the hope that lies within us, and that hope is Jesus Christ!

Vacation Bible School

Every year, we enjoy a great time of games, fun, crafts and Bible Study with kids from around the community. Our Vacation Bible School takes place in the summer and gives children an opportunity to have fun and play with other kids. However, the most important part of Vacation Bible School is learning about Jesus. Our goal is to teach the next generation how much Jesus loves them and how He died for their sin on the cross. We present to them the plan of salvation and show them how living for Jesus is life changing.

Learn more about this year's Vacation Bible School!

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Dallas Center Dunkard Brethren Church | Christian Aid Ministries
Christian Aid Ministries

Christian Aid Ministries is an Organization that provides resources such as food, clothing and education to those in need around the world. As a church, we have been volunteering at one of their clothing centers for the last 20+ years. We take a large group of people to Kalona, IA where we sort clothes, shoes, socks, headgear, fabric and comforters. They are loaded on trucks and distributed around the world.

We also sponsor the CAM Billboard ministry which places billboards in strategic locations to give guidance to individuals seeking God or needing counseling.